Winterabc2020 | Day 17

Pheeeew. Day 17/22 already. Sobs. Sobs. Sobs. I’m gonna miss doing this. How are you all holding up. If you’re healthy and safe, Amen. If certain things are not right, I send you my prayers and hugs.

For today’s prompt, we are tasked to comment on the current affairs. I did a guest post on a friend’s blog a while back. Click here to read it. Enjoy!

Xo, Ms Abigaba

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    1. Ms Abigaba says:

      Thank you 💛


  1. Beaton says:

    The month is rushing to finish 😂😂😭😭

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    1. Ms Abigaba says:

      Very much so😂


  2. Hey Sheena 😂😂🤗
    Great read right there
    I low-key don’t want schools to reopen I’ve accepted the gate 😂

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    1. Ms Abigaba says:

      I really want them open 🤦🏾‍♀️
      Like so badly ….

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      1. Haha why? 👀👀

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      2. Ms Abigaba says:

        Obvious reasons 😭😭


      3. Oh bambeeyyy. Soon and very soon.

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      4. Priscilla says:

        No No No!!!!!!!!
        You make people like me (that dislike school) look really bad😂😭please say you were joking YOU DO NOT WANT SCHOOLS TO REOPEN. .we enjoy being at home😂

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      5. Ms Abigaba says:

        I was very serious 😂
        I want them to reopen 😅


  3. Hope Chilinda says:

    I’m going to miss doing this too

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